In conjunction with Ableton.

Beats By Girlz: BERLIN!                                                                                          Electronic Music Made By YOURSELF

In this course program the musician, DJ, and sound artist and Ableton Certified Trainer Maya C. Sternel and DJ Ipek show you how to use the music software Ableton Live and Push instrument to make electronic music, play beats and create your own song.

The course program is based on the curriculum that is especially developed for this purpose by Erin Barra (Berklee College of Music, founder of Beats By Girlz).

You need no previous knowledge and no laptop or software to join. 

All equipment will be provided.

WHERE: Course space and facilities are provided by ABLETON AG, 6/7 SCHÖNHAUSER ALLEE, BERLIN-MITTE

4 Course DATES: Thursdays 5. Sept., 9. Sept. & Wednesdays 18. Sept., 2. Oct.

TIME4 – 6 pm

Max. number of participants is 10. The courses are supervised by two lecturers.

JOINYoung women and trans / non-binary youth between 14-20 years old can apply. Interested students over the age of 20 can also apply and will be considered if there are still places available.

Participation is freeWhen applying, participation on all 4 dates is obligatory!


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