BBG Denmark

The first Beats By Girlz chapter outside the US!

Beats by Girlz Denmark is based in the Capital City, Copenhagen and was started by Stefani Wisting, Katrine Villadsen and Lola Ajima in October 2018 with support from Rumkraft, School for Electronic Music

We are passionate about teaching and creating networks for girls, women, trans and non-binary. 
The interest and response we’ve gotten already has been amazing! We’ve held several workshops already with over 50 students in only a few months.



Once a month we host “Ladies Lab” @ Rumkraft – an afternoon where women, trans and non-binary can work on their music, give each other feedback and support.
BBG Denmark also host “Show & Tell” events, where musicians and producers play a concert and then share personal workflows and setup. The first one took place in February 2019 in collaboration with Synth Babes the equivalent of BBG in Sweden. 


We are currently starting up full length courses in Ableton in both Copenhagen and Roskilde. More to come!


To get updates on future events and courses please follow BBG Denmark on:
Katrine Villadsen

Katrine Villadsen

BBG Denmark Teacher

I produce, write and sing under the moniker While We Wait. I also make soundscapes for others e.g. museums and theatres. I started writing songs using the guitar and switching to producing has just made music even more fun. I love the spark in a students eye, when she has just learned something and wants more! 

Stefani Wisting

Stefani Wisting

BBG Denmark Teacher


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