BBG Denmark

Beats by Girlz first workshop outside the US – in Copenhagen, Denmark!

BBG Denmark is offering two classes meeting every Monday, March through May. One for young teens and the other for high school students and older. Both are completely free for all participants.

Would you like to learn how to make your own music or audio – maybe for tracks, podcasts, theater or soundscapes? Do you think it could be exciting to play with lyric and sound? Now you have the opportunity to try it out! Three professional producers are ready to show you how. Here’s your chance.

You do not know anything about music on computer in advance – all you have to do is meet up! We have computers, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Supported by Hip Hop Hub, Rumkraft, Nordea Foundation, Ableton and Beats By Girlz.


Ladies Lab is a monthly opportunity for girls, women, trans and non-binary people to to meet in a safe space, bring their setup or borrow gear and ask questions about Ableton or other aspects of music production. Classes meet every Monday, March – May. 

WHEN: Every Monday, March – May 

WHO: Girls, non-binary gender and/or trans youth

WHERE: Rumkraft, Læssøesgade 14, St., baghuset C, 2200 Copenhagen





”Den der nul-fejls-kultur, den bliver udenfor døren, piger!”

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