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Beats By Girlz: MADRID!                                                                                         

Musical Production Introduction with Ableton

In this intensive course, the artist and music producer Tuna Pase will teach you how to use Ableton Live, the music creation software and the Push controller. You will discover the main creative tools and techniques of musical production to make electronic music, play rhythms and create your own songs.

The course program is based on the curriculum created by Erin Barra (Berklee College of Music, founder of Beats By Girlz).

You don’t need previous knowledge or computer or software to do the course.

The course is free and all the equipments will be provided by DJP Music School.

WHERE: DJP Music School
Calle Pilar de Zaragoza, 63. Madrid, Spain

3 Course DATES: Saturday, October 26 | Saturday November 16 | Saturday, December 14

TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Max. number of participants is 9.

JOINExclusive course for women, trans and non-binary gender over 18 years.

Participation is freeWhen applying, participation on all 3 dates is obligatory!

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