Welcome to Beats By Girlz!!

We are so happy you want to bring Beats by Girlz to your community!! We look forward to beginning this process with you.

Below are the things needed and provided to help you start your own BBG chapter. Once you’ve read through it, please fill out  the Chapter Inquiry Survey. and are ready to start the conversation, reach out to one of our Beats By Girlz representatives by emailing global@beatsbygirlz.org to set up a time to talk.

  1. CLASS LOCATION – Ideally, we are looking for an existing establishment already equipped with the necessary hardware and software. At the very least you’ll need a space with computers and tables (either Mac or PC is fine). Places like local DJ/Production schools, YMCAs or Boys and Girls Clubs, libraries and community centers are great options as we ask that the space to be donated. We can help you find a location for classes to be held if you don’t already have one in mind and can do the asking on your behalf.
  2. HARDWARE / SOFTWARE – We work in close liaison between manufacturers such as Ableton, Novation, Focusrite, Apogee, and Sweetwater for you. The software will always be free, and in some cases the hardware will be as well. Depending on the circumstances we can either provide you with everything you need or offer it to you at a very low cost. The money for that would have to be raised or provided.
  3. CURRICULUM – The BBG curriculum is currently being licensed for free to schools and community centers who offer free or scholarship based programing to those who need it. It was developed by Beats By Girlz founder and Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Erin Barra.
  4. COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE  – Having a local community to pull from is an important piece of the puzzle. We’ve seen great results from chapters who have partnered with places like local after school programs or non profit community orgs. Promoting for enrollment can be tricky if you’re doing this all on your own so it’s good to be directly connected to a community infrastructure.
  5. TEACHER TRAINING – We provide video lessons and tutorials on the software we use, Ableton Live, and general teaching practices. We’ve filmed the first two lessons so you can watch one of our teachers in action and are always here to answer any of your questions. We also offer in person chapter training and setup if you need it.
  6. FUNDRAISINGBeats by Girlz does not provide any funding.  However, we can help you raise money by giving you One Sheet materials and budgets you can use when looking for potential local sponsors to cover your costs. The tax-deductible donation from your sponsors will be run through the Beats By Girlz organization, and will go to paying your teachers, putting on graduation parties and covering other basic costs associated with field trips, events and enrollment. Depending on how much programming your planning on offering, typical chapters run off of a yearly budget of roughly $5-6,000.
  7. PROMOTION and MARKETING – Our incredible team designs posters and flyers to help spread the word about your classes. We also run an active Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page that is frequently updated.
  8. SUPPORT – BBG was originally developed to create a safe and comfortable place for young women to get involved in music technology while having as much fun as possible. Our goal is to provide guidance, access, tools and role-support to girls of all ages. We are here to support you and help get the ball moving as your chapter grows. If you need help, just ask for it!
  9. PICTURES and VIDEOS – As part of the BBG family, you must have access to a camera or phone to capture photos and videos to share about your chapter. We have several chapters across North America and giving us visual updates is a great way to keep us on track!

Frequently Asked Questions


How are the classes structured?

Most chapters offer 2 hour classes one day a week after school for either 12 or 16 weeks, lining up with public schools Spring and Fall semesters. Some of our chapters offer workshops which follow a more camp like schedule, offering back to back classes over a weekend or week. We allow chapters to do what works best for them and their community.

What consists of having someone come out to help us set up a chapter and what are the associated costs?

If you need the support, we can send out one of our experienced teachers to help you set up your space including all hardware/software. Once the space is good to go we do a full day of teacher training and work with a group of local girls to demo how the lessons typically flow and answer any questions in person. This is a great option for many new chapters and we’ve seen great results from those who have chosen to do it. We charge $500/day, including travel and lodging costs for one person. Those costs can be included in any money your raising to set up your chapter.

How much do the teachers get paid?

Each chapter had a different budget which range from a $25-50 hourly depending on the number of teachers in the room, the number of girls in the room and the experience of the teachers.

Do I have to use the Beats By Girlz curriculum?

To start, we do ask that you use the provided curriculum as a springboard to give girls the basics of using Ableton and the associated hardware. From there, you should feel free to teach what your knowledgeable and passionate about. We have chapters which offer DJ, Live Performance and Synthesis programming. As an organization, we’re always working on new materials and lesson plans to offer our chapters, so once you get started we encourage you to make it your own.

Can we charge money for the classes we offer?

Most of our chapters offer free programming to those living in underserved communities. That being said, we do have chapters who charge money to those who can afford it, but only if they offer free seats to those who cannot. When you sign the gratis licensing agreement, you agree to operate in this way by offering a certain amount of seats in your classrooms free of charge.
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