is a non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum, collective, and community template designed to empower females to engage with music technology. We provide young women with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest (and ultimately their ability to pursue career opportunities) in music production, composition and engineering. We are working towards gender equity in a field where women are highly underrepresented and strive to help other groups mobilize and create similar change in their own communities.


Our first classes in MADRID, SPAIN begin October, 2019! 

Beats By Girlz: MADRID

Musical Production Introduction with Ableton

In this intensive course, the artist and music producer Tuna Pase will teach you how to use Ableton Live, the music creation software and the Push controller. You will discover the main creative tools and techniques of musical production to make electronic music, play rhythms and create your own songs.

The course program is based on the curriculum that is especially developed for this purpose by Erin Barra (Berklee College of Music, founder of Beats By Girlz).

You don’t need previous knowledge or computer or software to do the course.

The course is free and all the equipments will be provided by DJP Music School.

WHERE: DJP Music School
Calle Pilar de Zaragoza, 63. Madrid, Spain

3 Course DATES: Saturday, October 26 | Saturday November 16 | Saturday, December 14

TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Max. number of participants is 9.

JOINExclusive course for women, trans and non-binary gender over 18 years.

Participation is freeWhen applying, participation on all 3 dates is obligatory!

Apply here :

Teaching content

During 11 course sessions, you will be thoroughly introduced to the technical aspects of music production as well as a course knowledge of industry knowledge so that you are thoroughly dressed to develop your skills, talent and career opportunities in music production. The purpose is also to create a safe learning environment and a continuous network where we help, use and make each other visible. 

During the 11 teaching sessions you will be introduced to:

  • Music programs / DAW and computer engineering 
  • Sound (what is sound and how do we work with it in music production)
  • Production tools (EQ, compressor, reverb and other effects) 
  • synthesizers 
  • Recording and study use
  • sampling 
  • Mixing1 – Techniques (sidechain, bus / sends, dynamics, effects etc.) 
  • Mixing 2 – Vocal 
  • Live performance and technique 
  • industry knowledge 

Beats By Us: Denmark

Intermediate Music Production for Women and Gender Minorities

The course is aimed at women, non-binary and trans people who want to learn about and build community around music production.

WHERE: Enghavevej 8. København V

WHEN: 19.9.2019 – 5.12.2019, Thursday at 19:00

Max. number of participants is 8

To sign up:

For more information

Prerequisites: You have knowledge and access to either Ableton Live or Logic Pro X (other DAWs are also welcome, but based on the two mentioned in the tutorial)

Along the course, there will be several home assignments and collaborative exercises and production of own numbers and guest lecturers. 

Our first classes in BERLIN, GERMANY begin September, 2019! 

Beats By Girlz: BERLIN

Electronic Music Made By YOURSELF

In this course program the musician, DJ, and sound artist and Ableton Certified Trainer Maya C. Sternel and DJ Ipek show you how to use the music software Ableton Live and Push instrument to make electronic music, play beats and create your own song.

The course program is based on the curriculum that is especially developed for this purpose by Erin Barra (Berklee College of Music, founder of Beats By Girlz).

You need no previous knowledge and no laptop or software to join. 

All equipment will be provided.

WHERE: Course space and facilities are provided by                                   ABLETON AG, 6/7 SCHÖNHAUSER ALLEE, BERLIN-MITTE

4 Course DATES: Thursdays 5. Sept., 12. Sept. & Wednesdays 18. Sept., 2. Oct.

TIME4 – 6 pm

Max. number of participants is 10. The courses are supervised by two lecturers.

JoinYoung women and trans / non-binary youth between 14-20 years old can apply. Interested students over the age of 20 can also apply and will be considered if there are still places available.

Participation is freeWhen applying, participation on all 4 dates is obligatory!

Apply here :

Our first classes in BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT! 

Beats By Girlz: BRIDGEPORT, CT


Join local producers in a comprehensive sequential class series that will give the student a solid foundation of Ableton Live + Push and electronic music production fundamentals using curriculum developed by Erin Barra (Berklee College of Music, Coursera, Beats by Girlz founder). No experience necessary and all equipment provided. Classes are held in a stimulating environment with music played over loudspeakers with approximately seven learners and one teacher. A typical class starts with a group lesson and is followed by individual work time. 

WHO: female and femme identified students ages 11-18

WHERE: the Hall Neighborhood House

WHEN : SATURDAYS September – June during the school year from 12 – 2PM

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